Creating Luxurious Rooms with Printed Pillows

Creating Luxurious Rooms with Printed Pillows


In the world of home decor, small details can make a big difference. One easy and cost-effective way to add depth and appeal to a room is by incorporating decorative pillows. Pillows are more than just functional, they add character, charm, and a touch of your unique personality to your home. With the Mahal Spice and Shimmer & Coil combo (pictured above), I used the theme of spices to inspire me. The Mahal Spice pillow reminds me if a vibrant Paprika, while the Shimmer & Coil pillow makes me think of Cinnamon. I paired the two together and loved how the colors are complemented in each design.

Prints offer an endless array of patterns, colors, and designs that can be utilized to match your personal style. If you prefer neutral palettes, match patterns with solid colors to add a touch of intrigue while staying within your comfort zone. On the other hand, if you're feeling adventurous with your decor, mix and harmonize various prints and patterns to create a warm and welcoming ambiance that's both textural and eclectic. The Emerald Paradise pillow (above) features a Cheetah print, which in turn inspired me to pull out the black and brown tones of that print and pair it with the black and gold elements of the Elegant Shimmer pillow. Using like prints, or prints that share common base colors is a great way to add dimension when stacking your pillows.

With printed pillow covers, you have more options to showcase your personality and passions through your decor choices. Don't hesitate to explore new ideas and make your home unique. Inspiration to mix and harmonize your printed pillows can truly come from anywhere.

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