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Getting Over Yourself

Such a simple message, but sometimes hard to put into action. Accomplishments and achievements require ambition, self-confidence and devoted action. The confidence part, a lot of times, is the biggest hurdle. When it came to launching EmbellyshHome, the feeling of uncertainty was substantial. I delayed launching because I doubted my talents and my worth in the marketplace.

For many years I’ve stifled my ideas and avoided situations that I thought may lead me closer to success and living in my purpose. Potential is not a rarity and usually is not the issue when it comes to pursuing our true passions. Doubt and negative self-perception in many cases is the road block. Such is the reason why many talented people with wonderful ideas are never heard of. Self-promotion sometimes is deemed as something negative, but when I look back on the years that have passed, how positive or productive was it to intentionally dim my own light…? Balancing humility and egotism is a necessary skill for personal growth.    

Launching my business and website has been rewarding in ways that cannot be seen. Many of the rewards have benefited my character. Confidence, self-assurance and the pride of accomplishment are immeasurable.

Make a pact with yourself today, to invest in yourself. Put action to your ideas; breathe life into your passions. Life is amazing to say the least. Struggling is not failure. Struggling means an effort is being made. Eventually the misery of wasting your talents and suppressing your passions will completely overtake the doubts. You already have the advantage of being the only YOU there is. Your point of view is unique, your vision is exceptional. Start now, improve later.

My first design when I decided to create EmbellyshHome was the Take Me to Paris Pillow

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